Garden Vets at Keele are very pleased to announce that Dr Sheldon Middleton MRCVS takes up his new position as CEO today.

Sheldon brings a wealth of experience to Garden Vets having been President of the BSAVA (British Small Animal Veterinary Association) in 2021-2022 and a BSAVA board member for the five years prior to that. Alongside his role leading the BSAVA, Sheldon was also Managing Director of RVC Veterinary Practices Ltd and Practice Principal at Acorn House Veterinary Hospital in Bedford.

Sheldon’s move to Garden Vets at Keele will enable him to bring together his years of experience in leading practices and mentoring veterinary professionals to a new environment. Garden Vets at Keele is a brand-new veterinary teaching practice co-located within the Harper-Keele Veterinary School. The new facility will offer first opinion veterinary care whilst also supporting the training and development of hundreds of new vets.

Vets, like many other professionals, face significant challenges such as gaining a work-life balance, addressing wellbeing concerns, attrition from the profession, gender equality and more.

Garden Vets at Keele are committed to addressing these issues in a meaningful way, enabling the profession to develop and progress. During Sheldon’s tenure as BSAVA President he worked towards supporting the industry in responding to and recovering from the Covid pandemic. The move to Garden Vets at Keele to lead a brand-new facility will enable him to take the next step in advancing the profession, making a difference to the lives of our vets, our pet parents, and the animals that we care for.

Sheldon said, ‘the opportunity to lead Garden Vets at Keele is incredibly exciting.  It is not just a new facility in a new building but also a new concept in the profession.  The business is being built around the people within it ensuring that they are at the heart of what we do.  A non-hierarchical team structure will ensure everyone’s voice is heard and valued’.

Garden Vets at Keele recognises that there are changes required within our industry if we are to provide better quality employment opportunities, better working conditions, better care for our animals. The operational model at Garden Vets will look quite different to those familiar to most vets.

Sheldon sees this new facility as an opportunity to ‘reduce the barriers to care through technology and a new business model freeing up our colleagues to do what they do best – provide optimal contextualised care without compromise’.

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