PetCare and Peace of Mind

Garden Vets knows pets are like family, and by taking financial considerations out of the treatment conversation, you’ll know we’ll always provide the best medical option irrespective of cost. We seek to support your pets, regardless of age and, in many cases, prior health or chronic conditions.

Garden Vets are open 24 hours, 365 days of the year, meaning that urgent vet care is covered under one roof whenever you need us.

Our Subscription Plans and Pricing

Whether you are looking for complete peace of mind for all your pet healthcare needs, or a support plan, discover which of our unique subscriptions is best for you and your pets.

Educational Partnership

Our unique partnership with the Harper & Keele Vet School allows access to world-class knowledge, expertise, facilities and skills. Being a veterinary teaching hospital means we can provide ever-better care, advanced diagnostics, treatment, advanced procedures and unrivalled knowledge and expertise in doing what’s right for your pets.

How to Find us

Our top-of-the-range facility was developed in association with Harper & Keele Veterinary school, a brand new institution formed by combining the resources and teaching excellence of both Harper Adams and Keele universities. Our veterinary professionals and students are constantly searching for better methods, new treatments and medicines to help animals live longer and happier lives.

Garden Vets at Keele
Harper & Keele Vet School
Keele University

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