The passionate and innovative team of veterinary practitioners at Keele University is pioneering a series of revolutionary veterinary care initiatives, including a subscription service to make ongoing pet care affordable and accessible to all pet owners!

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Garden Vets at BSAVA

The Garden Vets will be revealing their ground-breaking innovations at the BSAVA Congress from March 24th-26th 2022. These unstoppable pioneers are finally ready to reveal their solutions to the age-old problem of economic sustainability for pet-owners, vets, and the animals they love and care for.

Solving Age-old Problems

A lack of funds among pet owners has, for the longest time, brought immeasurable suffering to distressed pet parents and their beloved pets.

Frustration with a lack of subsidies, funding, and other means of external support -(there’s no NHS for pets) – has dealt a crushing blow to veterinary professionals probably since the inception of their science.

During a recent Mind Matters Symposium, Professor Rory O’Connor, Chair of Health Psychology at the University of Glasgow’s Institute of Health & Wellbeing shared that veterinarians are three to four times more likely to commit suicide than the general public.

Previously, in the face of insurmountable pet healthcare costs, pet parents have been bereft and inconsolable, animals have suffered unnecessarily, and vets have struggled to remain positive.

Until now!

Taking the World of Pet Care by Storm

With their ground-breaking new veterinary subscription packages and other game-changing initiatives, the Garden Vets team will soon be taking the world of pet healthcare by storm, bringing hope, removing anxiety, and reducing suffering at an unprecedented rate.

In light of the recent pandemic pet boom, these solutions are now more relevant than ever.

Pre-emptive Healthcare Solutions

With the gradual roll-out of the Garden Vets’ innovations, it is hoped that pet owners will never again have to worry about how they are going to take care of their ailing pets or support them in maintaining optimal health.

Based on the Keele University Campus, the team members are constantly updating their knowledge in the field of veterinary care and utilising advances in medical science to advance the field of animal medicine.

It is this fervent evolutionary spirit, coupled with the desire to genuinely solve problems, that drives the team.

Revolutionary Teaching Facilities for Vets – Seeding the Future

The Garden Vets’ founding equity partners, Sheldon Middleton, Hywell Parry, and Alan Robinson are passionate advocates of animal welfare, advanced veterinary practitioners, and tutors at the soon-to-be-launched independent primary care teaching hospital in the Harper Keele Vet School building.

Passing on their knowledge and techniques to future generations of veterinary practitioners will ensure a better future for animals, pet owners, and practitioners alike.

Stepping into the Future

The Garden Vets team members are all understandably excited to be exhibiting at the congress. They will be particularly looking forward to sharing a virtual experience of the school as it progresses…

“For visitors to the Congress, we’ll be showing a digital twin at our stand – an immersive Virtual Reality experience that lets you step inside our new building via a VR headset or watch a live view from a screen on our stand.”

The Garden Vets’ leading-edge innovations also include what they describe as,

“..a pre-emptive and predictive healthcare system which goes beyond prevention.”

If you’re curious to learn more or would like to speak to the team, you can find more information at the congress website.