Vetcare And Petcare. Changed.

Garden Vets At Keele are creating a new future for veterinary care services.

We’re building a brand-new, state-of-the-art, independent primary care led practice and teaching hospital; caring for clients and small animals via a subscription-based full-lifecycle healthcare service.
We’ll be opening this 12,500 square foot facility co-located in and part of a radically new educational partnership, with the Harper Keele Vet School on the Keele University Science Park campus in autumn 2023.

Working With Us

An Inspiring Vocation

Becoming a vet is far more than a job. It’s a calling and vocation. It’s borne out of a deep desire to care for animals and their families in pursuit of the best possible experience, joy and quality of life. For most veterinary professionals this is a lifelong purpose established from a very young age.

However, despite being one of the most advanced markets in which to practice, veterinary work in the UK increasingly involves managing difficult conversations.

The conversation has to change.

We Recognised The Challenge For Veterinary Professionals

Creating fulfilling and enjoyable work for veterinary professionals is notoriously hard. Aggressive KPIs, financial targets, unrealistic workload. A limited ability to exercise clinical judgement, and decreasing resources. The result is often burnout, wellbeing crises or exit from clinical practice altogether. We are changing this.

Difficult Conversations

A significant number of the conversations veterinary professionals have are less about what’s best for the patient and client (appropriate treatment) – than they are about costs. The gaps in expectation and ability to pay that ensue and the pressure this puts on veterinary teams is enormous. No wonder our profession is facing retention issues. The business model has to change.

It’s Time For A Change.

By working at Garden Vets you will be making a conscious choice to make a difference to yourself and the community we serve. You will be helping us to change an entire profession and industry. You will be a part of creating a positive legacy for people, pets, the planet and building a sustainable future for generations of veterinary talent.

If this sounds like the place you would want to work and the team you’d like to co-create, we want to hear from you.

Come interview us – and let us know what you think.

The Change We Bring – In Summary:

  • Accessible, positive and inclusive culture, working practices, environment and facilities
  • Non-hierarchical operating structures which unlock new pathways for progression, development and promotion
  • Flexible, supportive, enlightened and empathic working conditions
  • Employment terms, benefits and rewards that work for the many, not the few
  • Supporting, caring and valuing our team, working hard to create enjoyment and personal fulfilment within their chosen roles and career pathways – for everyone.

Garden Vets – Changing Values

We’re Different By Design

We’ve designed Garden Vets to attract people who want to develop a unique relationship with the community. People who want to make a difference in an environment that’s far more innovative than today’s ‘normal’ working practice.

A Destination Of Choice

Garden Vets will be a professional destination of choice with low turnover, offering some of the most positive and enlightened working experiences for today’s – and tomorrow’s – veterinary talent.

Providing Multiple Pathways Of Choice

We are always creating new opportunities, to cater for individual growth and every better fit for team members. Always an eye on helping to move you into those new opportunities. Never holding someone back simply to avoid the inconvenience of recruiting new talent.

A Lifelong Learning Ecosystem

We actively seek to take our methods and work into the wider profession and will develop a vibrant alumni programme. Fostering new working models, methods and assets that will benefit the entire profession.

Education As Output – Never An Overhead

We see development and education as a primary purpose – and constantly pursue opportunities for research, innovation, continuous professional development and a far broader application of veterinary science.

Inclusive And Immersive

We believe that supporting people to develop on their own terms is the only strategy and often missed in traditionally short-term working realities. We believe thinking and working this way yields significant benefits for the profession and society over time.

Security And Peace Of Mind

We provide a safe working environment – which includes training and committed resources in committed pursuit of wellbeing and high performance. We respect and believe in you as a veterinary professional and care for you as a human being.

There’s Nothing Superficial

We avoid tokenism and speak in plain language. We mean it when we say we embrace access, diversity, inclusion, equity and fairness for the serious opportunities they are for our entire community.

We’re Changing

Our mission is to bring measured and ambitious culture change for the veterinary profession. We’re human and we’ll get things wrong but we’re determined and we care passionately about the value we will bring for the whole profession.

A Safe Place

A culture of open feedback, a safe place to have challenging conversations and deal with difficult issues. We strive for the right values, purposeful support mechanisms and a restless desire to do better for ourselves, our stakeholders and communities, our environment and our planet.

Ingenuity, Innovation And Imagination

Investment in innovation and experimentation in pursuit of continuous positive change and advancement – without succumbing to initiative overload.

Vetcare – Petcare. Changed.