Our Subscriptions

We provide a revolutionary vet subscription service that delivers comprehensive and preventive healthcare for dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, and small furries, regardless of pre-existing health conditions and without financial constraints.

Why a PetCare Plan is right for your pet

Our PetCare Plans deliver year-round care for your pets, providing everything from initial and regular health checks, routine care and treatments to emergency surgery, and everything in between. Garden Vets at Keele offers 24-hour emergency care all under one roof, providing support, trusted and reliable advice and information and so much more – all so your pets get what they need to live their best, happiest and healthiest lives.

By enrolling in one of our Vet Subscription Plans, you’ll ensure that your pet receives the best care possible from our state-of-the-art facilities. Invest in their well-being today and enjoy peace of mind knowing they’re in good hands. We have two options to help you start your pet on the path to a healthy, happy life.

Our plans have been designed to recognise and support the increased care needs of your pets as they advance from young puppies and kittens into their senior years. Due to the varying needs of cats and dogs as they age, our PetCare Premium subscription plans are structured according to age.

Whats included?

Give your pet the gift of lifelong health with one of our Vet Subscription plans. Our plans are designed to offer both routine preventive care tailored to your furry friend’s needs, including vaccinations, regular check-ups, dental care, and much more.

Join Pet Care Premium for all our services provided by one fixed annual cost. Or join Pet Care Advanced for discounted access to all our services to work alongside a Pay As You Go or additional insurance product.

All services in exchange for a fixed subscription fee

Here to support you anytime

The most advanced primary and emergency critical facility in the area

Reassuring care for people and pets alike

Improving well-being by removing barriers to care

Garden Vets First Call

Our subscribers have access to our Garden Vets First Call app (available from your chosen app store). In an emergency our app will give you 24/7 access to an expert for help and advise including the next steps you need to take. Subscribe today for complete peace of mind

We are not Insurance

Our PetCare plans are not insurance products. Garden Vets PetCare Premium subscribers have no need for pet healthcare insurance, as all healthcare requirements are included in the PetCare plan. We are unable to advise our subscribers. nor make recommendations, or act in any broker or referral capacity relating to any other form of liability resulting from companion animal ownership or custodianship.

What's not included?

Travel Vaccinations and Documentation

Travel vaccinations and documentation can be provided at additional cost


Third Party or Personally Requested Treatments & Recovery

Third party treatments not referred by Garden Vets clinicians and recovery treatments & plans after third party procedures and treatments are not included. Garden Vets clinical opinion will incur additional cost

Individual Cremation

Sensitively and professionally managed individual cremation is not included. We can provide guidance, but do not promote or have any commercial relationship with providers.