Partner with us

Garden Vets are proud to be an Independent Veterinary practice, however, our mission is industry-wide systems change – and we can’t do that alone. 

The best outcomes are achieved when partnerships are formed. Especially when the challenges are complex and deeply systemic. Garden Vets are pleased to have already formed a number of key strategic partnerships to ensure that we offer the very best care to our people, pet parents, patients and partners. 

Our innovative subscription model means that everything that needs to be delivered as partners in pet healthcare will be done irrespective of cost. We provide first opinion primary care, diagnostics, medication, education, surgery, advanced treatments and more. 

Our vision for Garden Vets is to build a sustainable, supportive, caring and leading environment for all of our stakeholders. Our stakeholders include, amongst others, our clinical and practice teams, pets, pet parents, the students who will lead the next generation within the industry and our partners. 

We want to work in a world where we make a positive difference to all of those around us. Our mission is in no way trivial. We started from a position that recognised that there are issues in the veterinary industry, and a recognition that we can and should do something about it – and bring about fundamental and disruptive change. 

The Garden Vets founding team are driven by a conviction that the veterinary industry, and the future of veterinary work, needs to change – and change radically.  We aim to improve pet care, working conditions,  career progression, professional development, longevity and, in time and on strong foundations, new pathways across the entire church of veterinary science. 

That means greater diversity, much better access and inclusivity, new capacity, new capabilities, new technologies, new partnerships, wide-open minds and a recognition that our profession needs collaboration more than it does competition. 

What could partnership look like?

Partnership can take many forms. Garden Vets has taken an open and collaborative approach at every stage of development. Our belief is that in order to disrupt, innovate and improve an industry we must also be agile, ambitious yet humble, willing and ready for continuous change and adaptability. Doing the same thing over and over will only result in the same outcomes. We welcome conversations to ascertain how we can work with our partners to ensure that all stakeholders feel valued.

If you have a mission, product or service that you believe is changing & benefitting, or could change & benefit the veterinary industry (people, patients, profession & planet) and if you’re interested in being a part of that revolutionary coalition that will disrupt, innovate and improve the profession for all, then please get in touch.

Contact us to discuss partnering

We are actively developing partnerships in the following areas, but this is by no means an exclusive list:

    • Veterinary Talent – from RVNs, Primary Care Vets/GPs, Client Care, Operations Management, Clinical Directors & Advisory to Specialists engaged in Innovation and R&D

    • Clinical Partnerships – from visiting specialists, peripatetic clinics, referrals, visiting CPD participants and providers, etc.

    • Pharmaceuticals

    • Equipment Manufacture & Development 

    • Diagnostic Imaging & Pathology

    • Cross-Sector Innovation

    • VR, AR & Immersive Digital Experience

    • Digital Services Channels (Clinical & Non-Clinical Settings)

    • Experimentation, Research & Development

    • Digital Innovation & Technology 

    • Clinical Trials Partnerships

    • Human Capital Management 

    • Training, Education & Experience Partners

    • Telemedicine, Tele-consultation, Remote Collaboration

    • Small Animal & Exotics Primary Care & First Opinion Practice Network(s)

    • Wellbeing, Performance & Psychological Awareness

    • Ed-Tech & Student Services

    • Data Science, RPA, ML, AI and Advanced Analytics

    • Client Interaction Channels 

    • Distributed Connected Devices, IoT & Wearables