Come and be part of the future of veterinary work…

Garden Vets at Keele has a bold aspiration; to revolutionise the veterinary profession for the benefit of our colleagues, clients, patients and the planet. We are seeking to improve vet care so that we can deliver better pet care.

Garden Vets exists with the whole person at its heart.   

We work in service to our colleagues, clients & patients, we need to be better served, in return. 

Garden Vets at Keele sees its purpose as to change the profession for the better of all.

We recognise that working in the veterinary sector is a calling, a desire to give the best to the animals we care for. For many of us this desire was established at a very young age. However, increasingly the work for the professionals in our sector has become about managing difficult conversations, often muddying the waters between what is best for the pet, and the cost to the owner. For several reasons, the pressure within the profession means that the industry is facing challenges.

Garden Vets at Keele exists with the whole person at its heart. We firmly believe that by striving to provide care, compassion, inclusion, opportunity, equality; as well as open, honest, and quality communications; that we can deliver happy, healthy and sustained individuals, education and veterinary business with a sense of belonging to our community. 

We seek passion

Garden Vets at Keele is initially a small animal hospital; however, we’re also housing dedicated lab space to support learners at every stage of their career, the latest immersive technologies, industry partnerships and impact focussed trials, research and development.  Located on campus at Keele University and sharing the building with Keele & Harper Vet School we embrace partnership in every dimension – a new relationship with education, the profession, industry, and clients.

We are now seeking professionals motivated by what we’re trying to achieve  to join our team at Garden Vets. Through the opportunities offered for flexible work, continued professional development, protected off the job time for learning, research, rest and well-being, we will look out for each other, help each other and encourage everyone working here to follow their passion.  

We’ve even created a new role, and discarded some of the old ones, in support of this mission to change Vetcare and Petcare. 

But it’s not only small animal practice or professionals we’re seeking.  Garden Vets at Keele is the first Primary Care, ECC and Specialist Referral teaching hospital of its kind.  But we’re not stopping at this.   

Each hub will have up to 5 attached satellite practices, all working with the same models, resources and central team functions to continuously improve veterinary work and outcomes in every field.  

For instance, we may have mixed, exotics, equine and production animal practices all as part of the same hub-and-spoke network.  

Garden Vets at Keele will be opening in late autumn, 2023. We have positions for vets, nurses, paraprofessionals, care and operations staff.  We want to build teams with passion for their work, for education and a drive to be part of the change we wish for our profession, and a belief in collaborative working to ensure the best outcomes for all. 

We will be providing excellent working conditions, opportunities for progression and development as well as a space where our staff, patients and clients are supported, protected, respected and cared for 100% of the time.   

Crucially, we’re creating an environment where the right course of action for the welfare of all is no longer driven by ability or willingness to pay – no matter what the circumstances may be.  

If you are ready to join a first opinion hospital passionate about offering the best care, the best education and the best facilities, upload your details and a CV below (if you have one – but if not, just tell us as much about yourself as possible – because that’s what we’re interested in, rather than finely crafted documents!), or for more information or a chat with one of our founding team, please get in touch.

Why come and work with us:

We are a person-centred organisation.

We uphold the health and well-being of our teams above all else. We extend this perspective to ALL we interact with, making them feel special and valued, as they are. We listen to hear. We aim to educate at every opportunity. We respect and trust all people and we provide equitable opportunity to all.  Positive talk precedes positive action, so we praise and openly appreciate our colleagues and clients.

Vet Care. Changed. 

Garden Vets at Keele is modelling a new future for pet centred care. We are a brand-new world class veterinary hospital caring for our pets and their owners via a subscription service. Garden Vets is housed in a state-of-the-art 20,000 square foot facility, co-located, and in partnership with the Harper Keele Vet School at Keele University.

No longer will our vets need to have difficult conversations about costs – everything will be included such as aftercare and medication. We are here for the advancement of our entire profession, not to dwell on the past but to create a better future. 

Pet Care. Changed.

We aim to serve our clients; we lead their way. As servant leaders we listen with care, we think broadly, we offer unhurried advice, and we recommend the best course of action. We use every pet interaction as a learning opportunity, without compromise on care.  We do everything we possibly can to remove the question of money from the correct course of action or treatment. For our clients we facilitate conversations that seek to build a meaningful relationship. Our aim is to deliver excellence which supports pet health and quality of life – in affordable and an accessible way.

Delivering for a sustainable future.

Over the past eighteen months our team, composed of some of the UK’s most influential leaders in veterinary practice have worked on developing a new and innovative approach to pet care and vet care. The strategy and initiatives have been purposely designed through dedicated and expert leadership to respond to the challenges facing the modern veterinary practice as well as the planet. We acknowledge our impact and seek to limit it by conducting our work sustainably. Alongside our new hospital we are deploying expertise to deliver a technologically advanced practice. We are leveraging a new mindset for innovation – matched by our ambition to bring ideas into operation at scale, pace and with impact, for the benefit of all.

Apply to work with us

We’re interested in you – the whole person – and if you already have a well-crafted CV, then please go ahead and upload it below; if not how about using our form to share your story? Tell us your ideas and background in your own words.