What’s the advantage over other services/solutions for my pets?

As a fully comprehensive service – primary care, the best-trained vets, a 24 x7 dedicated pet care hospital, and state-of-the-art digital methods to get access to information and remote treatment – it all adds up to the best possible care for you and your pets.

What is offered at Garden Vets?

Garden Vets offers Pet Care, that’s changed! This is a new and innovative solution to caring for you and your pet. A holistic pet healthcare and wellbeing service that covers everything from routine check-ups and boosters to surgery and follow up care.

What information will I get access to?

A growing amount of valuable and practical information – general breed-specific knowledge and educational resources. There will be access to specific care and treatment advice delivered directly to you.

What does proactive preventative care mean?

Being ‘digitally enabled’ while it sounds like jargon, means that we can monitor remotely without you and your pet needing to come into the practice. We can continuously assess heart rate, body temperature and more. This allows us to pre-empt any issues with your pet ahead of recognising any of the usual signs.

What animals are covered within Garden Vets?

As we launch Garden Vets will specialise in small animals such as cats, kittens, dogs, puppies and rabbits. However, in time will extend services to cover equine, farm and the broad spectrum of veterinary science.

Is care available out of hours?

Yes, our veterinary centre will be staffed 24/7. Garden Vets do not have out of hours. This means that at any point that you are concerned about your pet you will be able to access appropriate care in a way that best suits you and the situation – whether this is via the app, online or in-person. All within your monthly subscription.

Why should I choose Garden Vets?

Garden Vets has been developed by a team of leading Veterinary surgeons and professionals from within the industry to offer a cutting edge and innovative solution to pet care. Your pet will be offered the best possible care irrespective of cost due to the nature of our subscription service and the freedom of our clinician and care teams.

Our teams will always propose the right course of action for your pet’s needs – unhindered by overarching commercial considerations or ‘deals’ with suppliers which constrain clinician choice.

How good is veterinary education?

Veterinary education typically takes around 5 years to qualify. By the time a student becomes able to care for a pet, they would have already undergone countless hours of study, training, and assessment and would remain under supervision until fully qualified. Veterinary education is a core purpose of Garden Vets and the Vet School.

We know this will enhance the experience for all of us and students are a valuable, welcome and extremely positive addition to our teams.

I don’t have a smartphone can I still be a member?

Whilst Garden Vets is a digitally enabled facility supporting engagement with smartphones and tablets, we also offer engagement via web browsers and more typical modes of contact such as the telephone.

We’re designed to cater for your needs no matter what. We endeavour to not only meet but to exceed, accessibility standards and are dedicated to providing the very best experience for all of our stakeholders.

My pet is only 1 year old, do I still need a hospital?

At each stage of our fur baby’s life, they will require care, attention and medical recommendations and support. This is a matter of routine and is foundational to our proactive care approach. Garden Vets is positioned to prevent the emergence of avoidable issues as much as possible to ensure that you and your pet can enjoy a long and fulfilling life together.

Why is the focus on digital and technology so important?

Applying the latest state-of-the-art AI enables intelligent responses to your pet care to support the veterinary professionals on the front line and additionally drives better pathology and testing. In addition, advanced digital imaging, surgical procedures and specialist diagnosis revolutionalise otherwise complex treatments.

What will feel different about this solution versus my traditional vet practice?

The surprise and variable costs associated are removed as a consideration in clinical care decisions. You can have 100% confidence that what has been proposed by the team is the right course of action and the best for you and your pet, driven only by clinical expertise.

What is different for the people who care for my pets? And why does that matter to me?

Promoting primary care as a specialism in its own right ensures that we deploy the right skills and talent to deal with both everyday and often very complex needs far better. We take great care of our staff – we’re looking after the people who look after you and your pets. We know that that can only lead to better care and a much better experience all-around for you.

What’s so special about the Hospital part of all this?

It’s purpose-built to cater for multi-species complex care needs. There are dedicated waiting areas that feel more like a hotel than a medical centre. We’ve built highly sophisticated in-patient wards and facilities and undertaken the design, informed by some of the best minds in veterinary science and practice design

What does digital-first mean on your website?

It means we are using the latest tools and techniques to make your experience more valuable and easy. The onboarding process is massively simplified. It gives you a range of communications channels to suit your needs.

Not only will you ‘always be in touch with your care providers, but you’ll receive highly tailored information designed for your pet. There will also be directly-connected data feeds through wearables on your pets and an opportunity for direct owner feedback and a full range of specialist expertise right at your fingertips.

How will my experience be different?

As a member, there are considerable differences and improvements. There will be considerably increased staff capability at your disposal and an increased capacity through every channel. This brings a significantly lower risk of completely ‘closed’ or long-waiting lists for care. There will be far easier accessibility and reduced waiting times – extending core hours (7 days per week). There will be full coverage for pet care through non-core hours services.

How is the quality of care improved?

We’ve developed advanced triage and emergency critical care capabilities. A regional network of partner practices to provide UK wide subscriber care. Attached to the facility there is the UK Centre for advanced veterinary R&D (E3 facility) & Education Collaboration. Everything is designed around the consumer and patient experience – from services and workflow through to client engagement, communications and dedicated care teams.

What does the Garden Vet care team look like?

The Garden Vet team is made up of professionals in all the areas needed to care for your pets. Our recruitment policy ensures we have the best possible talent caring for your pets. We empower our staff across the company to feel a genuine part of your pet care needs.

Many of our staff lecture in veterinary education so that they remain at the cutting edge of research and best practice.

What does it mean that the hospital is a teaching hospital? Will that affect my pet care?

It will improve your pet care. We will always have students rotating through Garden Vets and they make up an important part of our team. They are always supported by full professionals. 

Students offer fresh eyes and contemporary knowledge of best practices to ensure that not only are the future generation of veterinary professionals exposed to the widest possible caseload and situations. This way the entire community benefits, always challenging and being challenged to deliver the best course of action for your pet and their unique circumstances.

Is Garden Vets part of the university?

Garden Vets is not a part of the University. Harper Keele Vet School is one of our key partners which supports us in offering the very best pet care to our animals.

Why are you located at Keele?

We are co-located within the Harper Keele Vet School and make the most of the expertise offered within the education facilities of both Harper Adams and Keele Universities. We are deeply partnered with the Harper Keele Vet School, with shared talent, clinical facilities and teaching capabilities.

Why is the Garden Vets hospital facility so important?

Because it’s also a teaching centre it teaches interprofessional development and at the leading edge of veterinary science and continuously driving that forwards. This ensures your pets are getting the very best care possible.

Is Garden Vets just a hospital?

Definitely not. Garden Vets is a complete ecosystem of care covering everything the modern-day pet family needs. The hospital is a very important part of the care system generating better prepared veterinary experts and also acute care and treatment when necessary as well as being a drop-in centre for advice and emergencies.

What are the digital benefits?

Garden Vets is designed from the outset as an innovative solution to the health and wellbeing of pets within the pet care industry. Our digital solutions range from being able to book your pet’s routine appointments via our app and website to detailed consultations with your vet via digital channels.

We are also building an immersive VR space a complete replica of the physical veterinary centre. Over time more ‘standard’ care will be delivered this way.

We’ve designed our digital solutions to minimise stress, reduce client anxiety and optimise workload for our veterinary practice teams at every stage of the process.

How does this differ from a standard vet practice?

Garden Vets has been designed and developed as a purpose-built veterinary centre. Not only are we offering a subscription service which means that money is no longer a consideration for you as a pet parent or our vets; but we are a primary care, first opinion facility.

Anything that can be done, diagnosed, or treated within our practice will be covered. Whilst there will be occasions when we will need to make specialist referrals, we anticipate that 80% of instances will be covered and treated within the practice.

What does people-centric mean on your website?

The Veterinary industry has been suffering for a number of years. 80% of vets are under the age of 40 and the profession is currently suffering a significant burnout crisis.

This is partly due to the dedication of the veterinary profession, which maintains standards of care no matter what the cost to them personally. But, whilst admirable, this is unsustainable. A huge amount of stress placed on the modern vet around caseload and profitability is no different from many other industries.

But there is no subsidy for veterinary care. No NHS for pets. The true cost of care and treatment must be covered by the consumer.

Garden Vets have designed the commercial model to address this in a more innovative, sensitive and sustainable way, removing as many challenges and barriers to access and standards of care as possible – to ensure that we put people and pets at the forefront of our practice.

Are there any restrictions?

Due to the unique partnership between Keele Harper Veterinary School and Garden Vets we do not need to enforce any restrictions on services. Ultimately to support the development of the students at Keele Harper Veterinary School, Garden Vets supports students learning so welcome all cases, even with complex histories.

Are there any exclusions?

Garden Vets is in a unique position due to the way we’ve structured our business and partnerships. We are a primary, first opinion Veterinary practice with incredible facilities. Garden Vets will be able to deal with >95% % of all cases in house and have a team of dedicated specialists and partner facilities to cater for the rest.

Would I need insurance as well as my subscription?

Garden Vets is not an insurance provider. Whilst we aim to offer a comprehensive service for the wellbeing and health of your pet, we do not cover things such as third-party claims.

For the health and well-being of your pet, we would do everything within our facility’s capability to ensure the health of your pet.

We cannot protect it beyond that.

Garden Vets do not act for any insurance provider nor offer insurance through brokers. It would be entirely at your own discretion whether you choose to secure insurance coverage beyond the healthcare needs of your pet.

How often can I call on the service?

As often as you need to. Because everything that can be done within the practice will be covered by your monthly subscription (annual boosters, check-ups, blood tests, complex surgical procedures, etc.) we believe that you as our pet parents will be more likely to call or visit whenever you feel concerned, rather than waiting to see if things improve, or until you feel financially able to call the vet.

Prevention is better than cure 100% of the time. We’ve worked hard to understand and address the barriers to getting the best care for your pets – and we want to see you and your pets as often as needed to make that happen. We’ll become partners in achieving the very best quality of life for your pets – every step of the way.

What happens if I don’t want to be cared for by a student?

That’s OK. Students will be continuously rotating within the facility and enhancing our highly-qualified veterinary teams. There will never be a circumstance where you are treated by a student instead of highly qualified and experienced clinical teams – our students are a valuable addition to our teams, never used in place of those exceptional care teams.

Would my pet be cared for by students?

It is our belief that providing authentic experiences for veterinary students is the only way to safeguard the future of the profession. However, no student would treat your pet and will be under fully qualified supervision at all times.

Who else can I expect to be on my team?

Everything that’s required. Not just qualifying vets, vet nurses or other veterinary clinicians and practice operations teams. We’ll be joined by practising professionals from the entire veterinary sciences spectrum – from those undertaking specialist research and clinical trials to those seeking to extend and enhance their own professional development by working with our diverse caseload and enjoying the unique facilities.

Would I need to pay any excess?

This is not an insurance product, and therefore there would not be an excess. If your pet requires treatment, we will provide this within the scope of your subscription.

What if my pet has known underlying conditions?

Partly the Garden Vets model is structured around providing a caseload to the Harper Keele Veterinary School. Our Vets are both academic and registered, professional, practising vets, vet nurses, other clinicians and care teams.

As a result, we do not need to offer exclusions for underlying health conditions or charge extra. Our team of experts will be able to care for your pet whilst ensuring that the next generation of veterinary professionals has exposure to both every day and the exceptional conditions.

Does my subscription cover medications?

Garden Vets believes in the value of partnerships and collaborations. We equally believe that people and pets should come ahead of profit. Therefore, we have partnered with many veterinary medical providers to ensure that we can cover all of your pet’s needs, whilst maintaining our fierce independence and dedication to the right courses of treatment – no matter what

Any medication required will be provided. This will remove the burden of cost for you as a pet parent, and to our vets in considering affordability and suitability.

I live 100 miles away, will you still treat my dog or cat?

Garden Vets is digitising as many elements of the veterinary care process as possible. Therefore, it is entirely possible that you could live 100 miles away and still enjoy a rich, high-quality care experience accessing support, welfare and care provided by Garden Vet’s digital solutions.

There will, of course, be some exceptions where we will need to see you at our practice. For now, until our regional networks are established, this means making the trip to see us at Keele.

My dog has not seen a vet for some time – what will happen in that event?

Upon application to subscribe, we would arrange an initial health check to assess your pet’s current wellbeing and condition. Following an initial consultation, we will make the very best recommendation for your pet’s care and future support.

Will you increase the price next year?

As with all products, prices will be subject to review, and subscriptions are no exception. However, people and pets are at the heart of our service, and this will always remain a priority ahead of profit we know that all consumers have a choice.

We’ll never make it difficult for you to move to another healthcare provider – whether this is because you are moving out of the area or feel there’s a better choice for you elsewhere. We are designing our services – and pricing – around the many reasons we know you’ll have to stay with us.